Fabrica.Tre - Associated architecture and engineering firm - Torino

About us

Fabrica.tre is a firm started in 2012 by architects Maurizio Testa and Stefania Zitti in collaboration with engineer Fabio Oliari which specializes in architecture and engineering. The firm plans on exploiting the many creative resources developed through the founders' professional careers in their pursuit of architectural and engineering perfection.

Fabrica.tre is an associate of DUAL STUDIOS.
Arch. Maurizio Testa/Arch. Stefania Zitti/Ing. Fabio Oliari
Ing. Lorenzo Castelli/Arch. Annamaria Biasol/Arch. Laura Lo Cigno/Arch. Cristiana Abate/Arch. Nicla Coradazzi/Arch. Samuel Fiolis

What we do

Fabrica.tre is a polyfunctional laboratory of architecture present both in the public and private spheres which is renowned for the rationality of its high quality projects as well as its eco-sustainable approach.

With scrupulous attention to the safety standards of the job sites, Fabrica.tre specializes in the development of schools and touristic villages and the restoration and architectural requalification of derelict buildings as well as projects enforcing the rigorous fire-safety laws.

Fabrica.tre has the experience and all the qualifications required in order to successfully partner and back construction contracts and project financing.

Design areas

Redevelopments and constructions of schools

Completed of a brand new children's nursery in Turin
Completed of a brand new elementary school in Turin
Completed of the brand new intermediate school "Roberto Clara" in Pancalieri (Turin)
Project for a new primary school in Robassomero (Turin)

Touristic Villages and Hospitality

Project for a touristic village close to the sea in Necochea (Argentina)
Completed a B&B in the historic downtown of Cl├Ęs (Trento)

Architectural and urban scaled requalification

Requalification of the area adjacent to via Tartini in Turin

Restoration and Re-Functionalization of derelict buildings

Completed a brand new museum center in the Palazzo Gallarati in Ghemme (Novara)
Completed a children's nursery on the site of a historic building in Turin
Conservational restoration of the monumental staircase of the Castello Cavour in Santena (Turin)


Via Regaldi, 3
10154 Torino

Tel./Fax +39 011 88 53 37
E-mail: info@fabricatre.it
P.I.: 10766400013